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Around the Mahé coastline, visitors will discover some fantastic Seychelles surfing spots. We've taken the liberty of suggesting a few!

Anse Bougainville

Anse Bougainville is a cove situated near Anse Forbans. A delightful spot for a day of exhilarating surfing, despite the relatively long paddle.

Anse Intendance

This 800m stretch of beach is known for its fine sand and crystal clear waters. Depending on the season, the ocean currents are either strong or non-existent. This is a popular spot for turtles laying eggs during the months of September and October.

Carana Beach

The Carana Beach is situated in the north of Mahé and is not suitable for swimming. The beach descends into the water in a steep manner, and as such, is relatively dangerous. However, it is very attractive for surfers and for other water sports purposes. During a visit you can sit in the shade of the palm trees and enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean.

Grand Anse

This long, narrow stretch of beach lines the North West coast of Mahé and is known for its strong currents and reef breaks, making it a popular Seychelles surfing spot. This beach is not suitable for swimming due to the strong undercurrents. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth a visit with its long coast, ideal for leisurely walks.

North East Point

Situated at the northern-most tip of Mahé, North East Point is another popular spot by beach visitors especially on Sundays. The beach stretches a good 1.5 km along the north eastern coast of Mahé. If you wish to go swimming though, you should visit one of the two protected bays, located along the coast.