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For the more active and adventurous, Mahé and Victoria offers a variety of activities in Seychelles and excursions that will raise a sweat and get your heart beating!

Seychelles Golf

If you are not much into thrills, but enjoy the occasional tee off, then the Seychelles Golf Club is the place for you. There is a nine-hole golf course available for visitors and permanent members. Other than Thursday and Sunday afternoons, the greens are available for everyone without reservation.

SMAC Adventures

Specialised Multi Adventure Company (SMAC Adventures) is located in the Constance Ephelia Resort, in Port Launay. Activities on offer include zip lining and rock climbing.

Zil Air Helicopter Services

Zil Air provides luxurious air conditioned aerial limo services between the islands of Seychelles, presenting passengers with an experience that promises to be ‘more than just a flight'.