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Eden Bleu Hotel Contingency plan for COVID-19


The virus is spread by when someone coughs or exhales, whereby droplets of infected fluids falls on surface of objects such as desks, phones or computers, etc..When other people touch these surfaces and then get in contact with the nasal cavity they can contract the COVID-19.


The hotel have ensure that staffs knows about the risk of getting the virus if ever there is an outbreak in the country by HOD’s or supervisors keeping them posted on the daily info also through local and international media.

• The hotel have awareness posters are the staffs areas, (toilets, canteen, notice board and passage)
• Staff advise when sneezing and coughing to cover their mouth and nose, then for them to wash and sanitizes their hands.
• To clean their work station as soon as possible and sanitizes everything.
• Wear their PPE and if feel necessary can request for additional PPE for them to used.
• Prevent from have close body contact; restrain from shaking hand.


The hotel is already prepare incase that a staff, guest or visitor have the COVID-19, or suspect, the dedicated are will be:



Reasons for it because it easier to have access control on the rooms whereby the person(s) is confined into the room with all the facility located within one area, toilet, shower, telephone. Security can also monitor them better to prevent them from leaving the room and the doctor can see them inside the room with having to move them around. This would minimize the risk of spreading the virus.,

The rooms must have: sanitizers, tissues papers, a telephone line access to calls abroad, water and dry snacks.

To carter for the persons being there until the health official have finished their examination to know if they should be refer to the isolation center. The area will be isolated for other persons using other facility of the hotel and access will be restricted to the pool/plaza gate.

Turquoise (meeting room) would be used for administrative purpose, with phone, fax, printer and a laptop on standby with open internet access. This would be used for briefing or debriefing of COVID-19. Staffs have to be informed by the HOD that in the event there is a case that is discover at the hotel whereby the health authority required that the hotel is to be on lockdown in order to prevent any contamination, the hotel will do the necessary arrangement for hygiene and foods for all staffs.


It is the responsibility of each staff to ensure that they take the necessary precaution when they are working meeting all the safety requirement. The supervisor or HOD to ensure that they are implementing safe work practice.

Room attendant should were gloves when cleaning any surface of any room. They should sanities all the door handle of each room to lower the risk of infection. They should were face mask when remove linen as some of them will be wet and the moisture which would keep the infected fluids from someone infected. Provision would be mask for facial mask upon request on a daily basic. A hand sanitizer dispenser will be put in the laundry Shute on each floor, for the staff to sanitizes there hand when necessary (i.e. each time they throw dirty linen down the laundry Shute). The windows must be open when the room attendant are cleaning the rooms.

Laundry staff should wear gloves at all time when sorting dirty linen for washing. They should also wear facial mask when doing so. A hand sanitizer dispenser would be place in the laundry for the purpose of sanitizing the hands after they have sorted out the linen. Clean hands immediately after gloves are removed. If no gloves are used when handling dirty laundry, be sure to wash hands afterwards. Do not shake dirty laundry. This will minimize the possibility of dispersing virus through the air.

Maintenance should were gloves and masks whenever doing maintenance in any public area of the hotel where guest can get access, including the room. They can access the sanitizers that would be available across the hotel premises.

Security should wear gloves when they are dealing with any room doors or safes. If needed they could were mask when in the room depending on the situation. To sanitizes the main gate and keep a clean hygiene at the staff entrance area.

IT should were gloves and sanitize every computer available in the public area. They should also ensure to sanitize phone and other equipment in the meeting rooms or Ballrooms. When touching any guests devices to have gloves in their hands.

Reception Staff they should prevent any guest from coming to them where they are sitting. The guests should always be in front of them. They should sanities there workstation after every guest have left the desks. This include the computer, POS machine, the desk and chair used by the guest. They should were gloves mask when sanitizing the workstation to prevent the risk of contamination. Sanitizer dispenser would be keep at the reception for guest and for staff also.

Reservation Staff should sanities their work station every time the come from a small break. They should also sanitizes their hands.

Concierge/Porter/Driver hand sanitizer would be located at the desk which would be available for staff, guests and visitors. They should sanitize the desk after anyone have contact with it. They have to sanitize the computer and their hands after handling of luggage and the trolleys. They should sanitizes the luggage cart every time it have been used by someone. Clean the door handle of vehicle before using it.

Kitchen staffs to ensure that they clean their workstation using the sanitizers available. They should also sanitizes their hands regularly and wear gloves.

IMPORTANT: respect all recommendations from our Food Consultant – Adrian Carter from Food Consulting Services – SA.

The EBH only provide food in disposable take-away boxes, disposable glasses, disposable cutlery and paper napkins.

Bar & Restaurant staff should ensure to you gloves when they are clearing any table. They should sanitizes the table and the bar when they are cleaning it after guests had left the area. They should disinfectant the POS machine after guest have used it along with the tablets being used by guests. There would be sanitizer dispenser located at the casher location available for staffs, guests and visitors.

Finance as they deal with money, they should wear glove when doing so since money change hand every day. They should sanitizes there work table after handling money.

Suppliers are not allowed to come to the hotel. The payments will done by bank transfer and not by cheque as usual.

Other staff that have been health issue the EBH will be put in self-isolation in the apartment at Eden Island.

All the staffs of the hotel have been brief what they have to do to prevent themselves from getting the virus.

EMERGENCY National number: 151
HOSPITAL: 4388000 DRDM : 4672210 / 11

For the hotel you can contact the following persons if any issues arise.

Kevin – Security Supervisor: 2627119
Benneth – HR Manager: 2610549
Jemmy – Security Manager: 2613064
Manuel Policarpo – General Manager: 26 40 817